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Let's Get Connected Longview!

 Welcome to our volunteer site, designed to "connect" people interested in getting involved with our community with the local agencies that need your help! We're very excited to offer this web based tool as part of our commitment to improving lives in the greater Longview region. We invite you to check out all the current volunteer opportunities and upcoming local events. Please sign up and let us know what your passions are - then we can let you know whenever a volunteer opportunity comes up that fits your interests. 

Help spread the word about this great way to get connected and make a difference in our community! Tell your friends and colleagues - you can reach out to them directly with the INVITE tab in the upper left-hand corner! And, if you don't see a local agency that you think could use some volunteer help, please direct them to this site. It's free to ALL local agencies and easy to sign up.

Thanks for LIVING UNITED! Please check back often...

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